Thursday, April 20, 2006

ESPN is Biased In Favor of the Yankees

Or at least that's what this crazy harpie thinks.

October 8, 2005

To Whom It May Concern:

Last night I was watching your coverage of the Yankee/Angel game and was embarrassed as well as disappointed in your broadcasters. My son lives in Reno, Nevada and had a similar experience. Both my son and I watched a great game but listened in horror as your broadcasters aired an East Coast biased of astronomical proportions. You should take heed as ESPN is loosing credibility in the world of sports. Both my son and I watched the game with coworkers and friends from around the globe, in two different states, rooting for two different teams. Men and women from 6 countries, 15 states, and many cities in the USA were present and are represented in this letter. Not a single person at either of these gatherings supported the ESPN’s announcers’ biases, not even those from New York and Boston. When some of the folks from the United States attempted to explain how the announcers were representing baseball and not just the Yankees the foreign constituents (executives, officers, CEO’s of international businesses and the like) erupted in laughter. Others who tried to understand through detailed explanations by baseball fans were confused, simply disagreed, or actually equated the biased broadcast to political dictatorships, governmental spins, political criminals, and other unsavory socio-political raciest regimes.

ESPN- the world is laughing at you. Your company is loosing credibility. Personally, you are down right embarrassing. I do hope you listen; the world is watching and the world is listening. You have a great deal to loose.


Their Yankee love is certainly on record judging by Peter Gammons, Karl Ravetch, Bill Simmons, Jim Caple.. ok, all of Page 2 and

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