Monday, August 06, 2007

Please Fire George King Already

The "King" of reporting speculative trade rumors as absolute fact (did you see that? there's a pun there!) has outdone himself again. While everybody
and their brother is reporting it's Jim Brower (no, not the Half Baked Goatboy) and not Joba Chamberlain who is being promoted to take the spot of the DFA'd Mike Myers, good ol' George King is reporting the complete opposite:
Getting the call-up.
Getting the call-up.

August 6, 2007 -- Yankees fans are dying to see Joba Chamberlain pitch, but Joe Torre would simply like to meet the young man first.

He'll get that chance today.

After yesterday's game, Mike Myers was designated for assignment and did not make the trip to Toronto. Chamberlain will be there and will be activated in time for this afternoon's game.
If any proof were ever needed that King reports guesses and speculation as fact without first checking little things like facts and sources, here's the smoking gun. King probably saw that Myers was released, and in his typical lazy style made a big splash headline about Joba being called up, despite the fact that:
  • Chamberlain was "demoted" from SWB to Trenton because the Scranton team is playing in Canada and Chamberlain doesn't yet have a passport
  • The Yankees open today's series in.... Canada.

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