Saturday, August 01, 2009

Of Whom Does Cody Ransom Own Naked Photos?

Brian Cashman? Joe Girardi? One of the Steinbrenners?

Why is Cody Ransom still on this team? They sent down Ramiro Pena because they wanted him to get regular at bats, even though he's a better hitter and much better defender than Ransom.

They traded for Eric Hinske, who Cashman said could play third, and yet they kept Ransom.

Then they traded for Jerry Hairston, Jr., the ultimate utility sub. He can play all infield and outfield positions. Yet they send down Shelley Duncan on a day they want to play righties against Danks and put Ransom in the lineup at first base! Ransom then repeatedly came up in high leverage situations with men on base and the game at hand, and failed miserably. Girardi never pinch hit for him.

Sending down Duncan and playing Ransom is pure idiocy. Oh, Duncan hasn't been playing that much first base this season? No problem, throw him in right and move Swisher to first if you're going to DH Teixiera.

Look - Ransom cannot now and never could hit. He is not an outstanding defensive player. Here are - position by position - every player who can play the same positions Ransom can:

3B - Alex Rodriguez, Jerry Hairston, Eric Hinske
SS - Derek Jeter, Jerry Hairston, Alex Rodriguez
2B - Robinson Cano, Jerry Hairston
1B - Mark Teixiera, Nick Swisher, Jorge Posada, Jerry Hairston, Eric Hinske

Why is God's name is Ransom still on the roster? The supposed answer: Duncan still has options and Ransom does not. Well, think about this - WHAT TEAM IS GOING TO CLAIM A MEDIOCRE DEFENSIVE SUB WHO HITS LESS THAN .200 WITH NO POWER?

Something is going on here.

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posted by Mr. Faded Glory @ 11:31 PM   3 comments


At 8/02/2009 2:17 PM, Anonymous caja said...

I salute you, man.
Shelley got screwed.

At 8/03/2009 4:04 PM, Blogger TaggedTruck said...

Great article about Shelley - enjoy the read into him.

At 8/04/2009 3:35 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I totally agree Shelley got screwed again by the retards running the Yankees. I wonder who Ransom is banging- Girardi or Cashman.


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