Friday, December 02, 2005

Flash Gone, but in Best Case Scenerio

I'll miss Tom Gordon. He was a good guy and was willing to accept a lesser role for two years to try and get a ring with the Yankees. People talk about how he loses it in the post season, but I put most of that on Torre's over use of him during the regular season.

However, giving a 38 year old Tom Gordon with all of those innings over the last 2 years on his arm a 3 year deal would have been wrong. Two years? Sure. But who wants a 41 year old setup guy who no doubt would be abused again and again by his manager?

The Phillies deal is a best case scenerio for New York for two reasons:
1. He didn't go to a division rival (Boston, Baltimore) in need of a closer.
2. He went to the team that most likely gives the Yankees the highest draft pick.

The way the compensation works is as follows: if a team signs a Type A Free Agent (which Gordon is) before Dec. 7th, the team who loses him gets their first round pick and a supplemental draft pick (between 1st and 2nd round) UNLESS the signing team has a top 15 pick. In that case the team who loses their FA gets the supplemental pick and the signing team's 2nd round pick. So let's look at the draft order. Teams 16-21 in bold.

2006 Draft Order

1. Royals (56-106)
2. Rockies (67-95)
3. Devil Rays (67-95)
4. Pirates (67-95)
5. Mariners (69-93)
6. Tigers (71-91)
7. Dodgers (71-91)
8. Reds (73-89)
9. Orioles (74-88)
10. Giants (75-87)
11. Diamondbacks (77-85)
12. Rangers (79-83)
13. Cubs (79-83)
14. Blue Jays (80-82)
15. Nationals (81-81)
16. Brewers (81-81)
17. Padres (82-80)
18. Mets (83-79)
19. Marlins (83-79)
20. Twins (83-79)

21. Phillies (88-74)
22. Athletics (88-74)
23. Astros (89-73)
24. Braves (90-72)
25. Indians (93-69)
26. Angels (95-67)
27. Red Sox (95-67)
28. Yankees (95-67)
29. White Sox (99-63)
30. Cardinals (100-62)

16. Brewers - Not spending big bucks on a closer.
17. Padres - Wouldn't initially spend on Hoffman, not likely to spend on Gordon and may fill from within or resign Trevor.
18. Mets - Wagner.
19. Marlins - Ha. Good luck getting them to open the purse.
20. Twins - Joe Nathan.

So really, the Phillies were the best chance for the highest pick.

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