Monday, January 16, 2006

Ken Davidoff is a Seer

It's nice to know that Newsday has hired the right people. People that will not only tell us what happened, but also - with certainty - what WILL happen:

The Yankees very much need a healthy Sturtze, given that Kyle Farnsworth is guaranteed to be a colossal flop and Octavio Dotel is no guarantee to get healthy.

Well, it doesn't appear that Ken is a big fan of the Farnsworth deal. Perhaps he could have done better. I also like that Dotel "isn't a guarantee to get healthy" but the Farns is "guaranteed to be" a flop. I'm marking this down, Ken. You should know better as a journalist than to predict in absolutes.

Of course if you're wrong there's no way you'll admit it, but I'll point it out here, just in case.

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