Thursday, June 14, 2007

Miscellaneous QOTD

Courtesy of The Dugout:

MassettByThatMuch: and I'm like, "oh no Paris Hilton is in jail?" Fuck Paris Hilton! Fuck her orange skin, fuck her fucking arms that look like necks, fuck her giant sunglasses.
AarTard: The only thing I would fuck on Paris Hilton is her vagina! She's hot as shit, she doesn't deserve to go to prison!
MassettByThatMuch: fuck you you fucking fuck, she is not hot as shit, she IS shit, and I hope the guards have camera phones so they can catch her shanked ass nude on the prison toilet queefing little clouds of nothing that smell like Obsession for Men and send the pictures to
AarTard: Well I wouldn't kick her out of bed is all I'm saying!
MassettByThatMuch: You want to fuck Paris Hilton so bad? Dump bleach on Ryan Garko, punch him in the face until one of his eyes goes cock-eyed, and start fucking him. Boom, just like fucking Paris Hilton.

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