Tuesday, August 14, 2007

A Personal Farewell to a Childhood Hero

I know some of you might not have heard a lot of his broadcasts, but I grew up on him. Every night, Scooter and Bill White (or Murcer, or Seaver, etc) would be on my TV and I'd go to sleep to the hum of the tiny B&W set. I remember that it was late and I should go to sleep whenever Scooter was "halfway across the bridge" (ie the 7th inning).

When I went to Cooperstown with my brother and mom, I couldn't have been older than 5th grade. My brother picked typical souvenirs (current Yankee shirt, cooperstown hat) and I remember I got a shirt that said "Cooperstown has a Big Train, an Iron Horse and a Yankee Clipper.. but where's the Scooter?" It didn't even bother me to have to explain to my typically ignorant classmates who exactly most of those were (it may be hard to believe, but I could be a snarky kid).

When I was in 6th grade or so, I waited at the players entrance at Yankee Stadium. I didn't get or look for a player's autograph like nearly everyone else clamored for, but I yelled to Rizzuto, and over he came and signed my ball.

To this day on my wall I have a signed Rizzuto ball and 8x10. What a truly classy, wonderful guy.

So, so long Phil. Today there will be plenty of stories full of your on field exploits, championships, MVP, years in the booth, etc., but for me I'll just miss the nice old man who finally made the Hall, and was kind enough to stop and talk to a young boy that he once helped put to bed every night.

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