Monday, July 14, 2008

Yahoo! Sports Never Fact-Checks Anything They Publish

Besides the fact that Papelbon is acting like a complete asshole, making it seem fine that he "defers" what he considers his right to close the All-Star Game, Yahoo! can't even get their story straight:
Rivera, third on the all-time career list with 466 saves, and ninth in the major leagues this season with 23, would be a hugely popular choice to close for an AL team managed by Red Sox skipper Terry Francona.

Papelbon, however, stands first in the AL and second overall with 28 saves.

It's not like Yahoo! had to go far to fact-check this - at the top nav bar on that same page, there's a "stats" link. (Not that I needed it; everyone who follows baseball regularly knows that Francisco Rodriguez is on pace to smash the single-season saves record).

Papelbon is tied for 2nd in saves. He doesn't lead the AL - he's 10 behind. I'm not sure if Yahoo! let this slip because they don't check facts, or they thought it would help Papelbon's case (conspiracy theory!), or if they simply saw "LA" next to Rodriguez's name and figured him to be a Dodger.

Either way, it's sloppy journalism and I can't believe this Yahoo! crap is still happening.

As for Papelbon, he really needs to shut his mouth. He's quickly replacing Curt Schilling as the Boston player that most makes the team look like a bunch of arrogant fucktards.

Rodriguez has much more claim to close the game than you do, and he hasn't said a peep about it. You think winning the World Series gives you as an individual the right to close the All-Star game the following season? 2007 is over, moron. What your team gets is their manager running the dugout and making some player selections. That's it. Now shut that anus-shaped mouth of yours and go back to dancing that faggy little dance you like to do so much.

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