Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Leave it to PeteAbe

If you're a female who prefers calling herself a "chick" or "hottie" or "slut," and are willing to post cleavage pics on your incredibly boring Yankees blog, PeteAbe will be glad to feature you on his blog.

Of course I predicted this would happen.

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posted by Mr. Faded Glory @ 10:59 AM   2 comments


At 9/19/2008 2:24 PM, Blogger Rex Banner said...

What do you have against hot girls with blogs? At least they don't just bitch about what other people write or do. Sounds like someone is jealous.

What do you mean, "of course I predicted it?" That your predictions are always right? Don't make me bring up your season preview.

At 9/24/2008 9:25 AM, Blogger Matt said...

rex banner sounds like an Interested Reader


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