Friday, December 05, 2008

Shopping list: CC, Sheets, Dunn

Sabathia is an obvious target, and the ball's in his court.

I don't understand why there isn't a lot more talk about two obvious bargain buys - Ben Sheets and Adam Dunn.

I'll hold off on the Dunn talk for this post, since it's been covered on this space numerous times, except to say that speculation is now that he'd cost less than $10M per year and is now an absolute steal.

Sheets, on the other hand, is also a bargain as people wonder about his durability. I'd have no problem with a 2 year contract with a vesting option for a third based on number of starts. I'm not as worried if he needs a bit of rehab time at the beginning of 2008 as adding him into the rotation at a later time would allow for Chamberlain to take some starts off as is the plan to keep his innings under control. Sheets has made 34, 22, 17, 24 and 31 starts over the last five years, respecively, with ERA+ of 162, 128, 119, 117 and 139. It would not be a stretch to expect 25 starts and a 120 ERA+ in 2008.

I'll take that as a bargain.

Sign all three and your lineup and rotation look as such:
SP Sabathia
SP Wang
SP Chamberlain
SP Sheets
SP Pettitte/Hughes

LF/CF Damon
SS Jeter
3B Rodriguez
1B/LF Dunn
RF Nady
DH Matsui
C Posada
2B Cano
CF/LF/1B Swisher

I'd go to war with that team, and there's no loss of financial flexibility or prospects.

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At 12/09/2008 3:29 PM, Anonymous jeff said...

they might be going after sheets after all. my fingers are crossed.

let's hope the burnett rumors are phony.


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