Thursday, October 08, 2009

Q: Name the Last Twins Pitcher to Win a Game in the Bronx

A: Johan Santana (2007)

Pretty crazy, huh?

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posted by Mr. Faded Glory @ 9:22 AM   4 comments


At 10/08/2009 1:22 PM, Blogger Rex Banner said...

Santana isn't a Twins pitcher.

I believe Pavano won a game late last year in the Bronx though.

At 10/08/2009 1:48 PM, Blogger Mr. Faded Glory said...

Santana WAS a Twins pitcher the last time the Twins won in New York.

Your trolling is starting to get silly now.

At 10/08/2009 9:28 PM, Blogger Rex Banner said...

Chill, it was a joke.

Believe me, nobody trolls YOUR blog.

At 10/09/2009 7:47 AM, Blogger June said...

don't gloat Mike!!!! It curses!


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