Thursday, May 04, 2006

Ghetto Fabulous!

Well, not quite.. but close

Washington Nationals outfielder Jose Guillen had a big night at the plate Wednesday. But while he was at RFK Stadium, a $10,000 chunk of his paycheck was stolen in a robbery a mile away.

Guillen's girlfriend was attacked as she left a check-cashing business in Northeast Washington, police said. The mugging took place at 5:30 p.m. -- about 90 minutes before the Nats' game -- just after she cashed part of Guillen's weekly paycheck. She was not injured.

Guillen said last night that his girlfriend went to the business to get cash and send money home to the Dominican Republic. "She's all right," Guillen said.

Police did not identify the girlfriend because she is considered a witness. No one has been arrested, and police have no suspects.

Authorities said the crime occurred outside the Money Mart in the 1100 block of H Street NE. Guillen's girlfriend, who is 24, entered the shop about 5 p.m. and went to a back room to cash a portion of Guillen's check. It took about 30 minutes for a store manager to count out $10,000 in cash, police said.

She put the money in a Louis Vuitton purse, which already contained $2,000, police said. As she walked outside, the robber sneaked up from behind and pushed a sharp object -- perhaps a knife -- into her side, police said.

Guillen went 2 for 4 with a double Wednesday in the Nationals' 6-5 loss to the Florida Marlins.
The rightfielder will make about $4 million this season.

Wow. You make $4M per year and you're still essentially cashing your paycheck in a liquor store?

Hey Jose, there's something called a bank. They will cash your checks for you, and even give you a money order for an extra $3.

UPDATE: I called a few check cashing places today and the cost of cashing a check over $1500.00 was pretty standard - a small fee ($3-$5) + a percentage from 1.5% to 2.99%. Guillen was looking at spending $153 - $304 just to cash the check - and I'm assuming more since the $10,000 was just a portion of the whole amount, the rest of which probably went to a cashier's check.

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At 6/17/2006 3:31 PM, Blogger Fabio has something to say said...

I stumbled across your blog on a search for "fabulous blogs" I know why you are considered fabulous! It looks like we have more in common than blogging!


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