Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Thanks, Pete

Every now and then, there is a sportwriter who gets it. Not neccesarily a guy you agree with 100% of the time, but a guy who understands how things are and how they should be and can back up most of his viewpoints.

Such a man is Peter Abraham:

A-Rod can't get a break even on the bench

There are times Alex Rodriguez doesn't help himself with the things he says. Then there are times when people are just unfair to him.

The YES pre-game show spent five minutes on Rodriguez's 16 errors. Michael Kay, Jim Kaat and John Flaherty went on and on about what a butcher he has been. Two points:

1. He isn't in the lineup. How about telling the viewers about somebody who is playing? It was ripping a guy just for the sake of ripping him. Probably on orders from YES suits trying to stir something up.

2. Yes, A-Rod has 16 errors and that's a lot. But look a little deeper, those 16 errors have led to only five runs. His butchery has been relatively harmless.

Then you have Steve Phillips going on ESPN Radio and suggesting the Yankees should trade A-Rod. Yeah, that makes perfect sense. Sort of like trading for an aging Robbie Alomar and Mo Vaughn.

A-Rod doesn't need me to defend him. But the whole thing is getting ridiculous.

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At 7/19/2006 2:54 AM, Blogger Karen said...

You'll be happy to note that Jay Greenberg has another Rip-A-Rod-to-Shreds column today, this time because he defended himself for, god forbid, going to Central Park on Monday.

Unless there's just nothing else to write about in the Yankee clubhouse right now, methinks Mr. Greenberg has something against Mr. Rodriguez...

At 7/19/2006 3:27 AM, Blogger Mr. Faded Glory said...

I saw it. It's even more blatant of a hatchet job.

I'll discuss that article later tonight, depending on if I actually get a response to the email I sent to him (which of course, is doubtful.)

At 7/19/2006 9:44 AM, Blogger Jen said...

mr. faded, I hope you informed Greenberg that the Yankees aren't paying A-Rod the entire $25 million a year, Texas is picking up a good chunk of it. What a douche.

At 7/19/2006 11:16 AM, Blogger Mr. Faded Glory said...

Jen, that was the main point of the email because he'd done it twice in two days.

He'll ignore it of course.


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