Thursday, September 21, 2006

ESPN is Awesome

09/21/06 8:20 PM PST. The Yankees had just clinched the division within the last half hour. The Tigers-White Sox game had just ended, and SportsCenter is about the begin. The teaser beforehand: no mention of the division title for the New Yorkers, but instead a story about how Alex Rodriguez is not a good teammate and how the "controversy" is back in the Bronx.

Cue the lights, let Johnny Hairdo know he's on, and away we go with a few clips of the loss and mention about how the Yankees "backed in," then immediately cut to a locker room interview with Jason Giambi.

Champagne is flowing! Players yelling "woo!" Reporter asks Giambi the most obvious question (no, not about winning the division, no, not about the playoffs). The ESPN reporter asks about the "Alex Rodriguez controversy!" Giambi gives an answer about things being "out of context" and "overblown" and about how "Alex is a great teammate" and "we all support him."

Cut back to the studio, and run a 6 minute "exposé" on how Rodriguez is a horrible teammate and a bad person. Do not mention the championship again.


09/21/06 7:31 AM PST.
Cold Pizza. Top Story: Yankees win division. Skip Bayless goes off about how the Yankees were "over celebrating" and asks "what happaned to the businesslike Yankees" like the old team with O'Neill and Martinez.

Woody Paige then got irritated and asked what's wrong with a bunch of guys like Melky Cabrera who haven't been there before (but wearing the same uniform as guys who had) enjoying it?

Bayless: Derek Jeter needs to teach these young guys how to act like Yankees. The Yankee mystique was killed last night. These guys were hooting it up like they were the Tigers.

Paige: You're just upset that the Red Sox didn't win it. You'd have been OK with that celebration.

Bayless: Yes, well they haven't won the division in years.


When I start to agree with Paige, something is very wrong.

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