Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Just Because I'm Sick of Seeing Stupid Errors

ATTN: Sportswriters - you will not be able to make false claims anymore without getting called on it. If you don't do your homework or at least have some intern research your information, I will continue to point out your innacuracies, no matter how minute.

Today's idiot: Phil Rogers.

First, the minor error:

Having released good-field, no-hit veteran Vinny Castilla earlier, San Diego GM Kevin Towers went in search of a third baseman. Somehow he wound up with Walker, a good-hit, no-field second baseman who was given on-the-job training at third.

The results haven't been pretty. You can't hang it all on Walker's play at third base, but the Padres tumbled out of contention for the NL West and into the mob of teams battling for the wild card.

The Padres are two games out of first, in second place. OMG out of contention!

And now, the major:

This has been a bad, bad year for Theo Epstein and the catcher's position. The Red Sox have started six different catchers, and it didn't have to be that way. Boston opened the season with an outstanding backup for Varitek, but Epstein panicked when Josh Bard had trouble handling 40-year-old knuckleballer Tim Wakefield. He shipped Bard and right-hander Cla Meredith to the Padres to get back Doug Mirabelli, who had left as a free agent after 2005.

Wakefield made only 14 more starts before going on the disabled list with a strained rib cage, and Bard has emerged as a .325 hitter for the Padres. Meredith has been San Diego's best set-up reliever, and the Red Sox exacerbated their problems by trading serviceable right-handed reliever David Riske to the White Sox for Javier Lopez, one of five lefty relievers they've tried. What a mess.

While most of Rogers' points are OK, he needs to look up some fucking facts once in a while. Mirabelli did not leave as a free agent. Theo traded him to San Diego for Mark Loretta.

One wonders what kind of editors and researchers are working up in Bristol.

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At 9/05/2006 2:42 PM, Blogger lupe_velez said...

One wonders what kind of editors and researchers are working up in Bristol.

the inebriated kind

At 9/05/2006 2:48 PM, Blogger lupe_velez said...

cla should spell his name with the long a symbol. i don't know why it disturbs me so much.

At 9/05/2006 2:55 PM, Blogger Mr. Faded Glory said...

Clā Meredith.

Me likes.

At 9/05/2006 4:12 PM, Blogger Pinstripe_Mike said...

Actually the dope is a writer for the Chicago Tribune. I guess anything out of the "Loop" and he's clueless. What is scary is that the Trib lists him as their "National baseball writer". Since he can't get his facts right, he could easily get a job at the NY Times.

At 9/05/2006 4:50 PM, Blogger Mr. Faded Glory said...

Oh I know who Rogers is and where he works. He works for ESPN as much as Bob Klapish does.

I don't really blame him as much as the editors in Bristol - it's their job to catch this stuff


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