Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Should They Stay or Should They Go?

Three possible people could be involved in changing roles for the Yankees soon.

The Yankees are planning on picking up Gary Sheffield's option, with the thought of trading him. I really like this idea, as a one-year Sheffield for $13M - a lot of which is on deferred payment - is very attractive to a number of clubs. Cashman should just hold a bidding war and take the best offer he receives. I'd hope to acquire a bullpen arm, a good young near ML-ready prospect, a decent first baseman or a combination of the three.

It appears - as I've stated here before would most likely be the case - the Yankees are planning on keeping Alex Rodriguez. Boras, for all of his bluster, knows that he and A-Rod hold all of the cards here because of the no-trade clause. If A-Rod wants to stay, he'll stay. My guess is that Cashman called Boras, asked him what Alex wanted to do, and Boras said that Alex wants to stay a Yankee, and would exercise his NTC should Cashman attempt to move him. At that point, Cashman gave him assurances that there would be no deal, which is good since nearly any trade you can devise involving Rodriguez would be a diminished return.

While there is speculation that Joe Girardi may be returning as Yankee bench coach after he took himself out of the running for the Nationals managerial position, there's also a chance he could return to the YES Network booth as a color analyst for a specified number of games. This might just suit him better, as he'd still be receiving checks from the Marlins, and can spend additional time with his family in Florida or Chicago.

As far as I'm concerned, this is good news all around. Picking up Sheff's option and trading him is better than letting him walk and receiving nothing in return, plus you control where he goes. Keeping Sheff is really not an option anymore, as he's expressed his disdain for playing first base over the long haul and there's no room in the outfield. I've already voiced much support for the return of Rodriguez. Girardi back in the YES booth would be a welcome voice to help placate the loss of Kaat.

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