Sunday, November 12, 2006

Predicting the So-Called "Experts"

Just as last year, I'm going to guess at who will win the major awards, and who should win the major awards. To be quite honest I have more faith in the writers this year than last as there seems to have been less of a media (ESPN) concentrated effort to push certain players this season.

In any event, my picks:

Who Should Win
Who Will Win
AL ROYJustin VerlanderJustin Verlander
NL ROYRyan ZimmermanHanley Ramirez
AL MOYJim LeylandJim Leyland
NL MOYJoe GirardiJoe Girardi
AL Cy Young
Johan SantanaJohan Santana
NL Cy Young
Brandon WebbRoy Oswalt
AL MVPJohan Santana
Derek Jeter
NL MVPAlbert PujolsRyan Howard

As I said, I have more faith in the outcomes this year (if not the writers themselves) because some of the choices are easier and others have 2 or 3 viable and deserving candidates. I expect only to have picked a couple of different choices
(NL ROY, NL MVP, NL Cy Young) and other than Pujols missing out, I couldn't begrudge Oswalt or Ramirez from their wins (should they win).

It should be interesting, but there's far less drama and room for egregiuos mistakes as last year, when an undeserving Colon beat out Santana and Mariano Rivera, yet the media focused on and bemoaned how Clutchy O'Papi McOrtiz was beaten out by a guy with better offensive stats who also played defense.

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