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Someone Explain to Me Why Jay Greenberg is Still Employed

This isn't H&T's first run-in with Greenberg. Yes, he apologized, but that doesn't mean he's off the hook from now on either. I should start an online petition to force the Post to change the byline from "by Jay Greenberg" to "by Jay Greenberg who hates Alex Rodriguez with all of his heart" on every article.

Without further ado, may I present to you The Post's Best and Worst of New York Sports (slow sports news edition, I'm sure. Since this is essentially a Yankees blog, I'll remove all references to how wonderful Jose Reyes and David Wright are, and how he wants to fondle Jason Kidd's balls:

Bobby Abreu, Yankees

Rotisserie numbers are helped by his sharp eye at the plate, almost as keen as his eye for the right-field wall. Stays clear of it while wearing a glove. Doesn't clear it often enough with his bat. We'll throw caution to the wind, unlike Bobby himself, and insist the better bang for The Boss' buck would have continued to be Gary Sheffield.
Career OPS+:
Abreu: 137
Sheffield: 145

Abreu: 32
Sheffield: 38

Abreu: 2
Sheffield: 1

Let's also factor in the fact that Sheffield was demanding an extension until he's about 50, and that Abreu has a career OPS of .412, takes more pitches per plate appearance than any other major leaguer, and can run and steal bases at an effective percentage, and the "bang for your buck" is so far in Abreu's favor it's not even close. If anything, Abreu should be right in the UNDERRATED category. However, according to Jay Greenberg, he sucks because he doesn't hit enough home runs or crash into walls.

Jorge Posada, Yankees

Those sweep tags in front of the plate that have irritated Yankee fans for 10 seasons shouldn't bury under the rug the fact that he is on pace to be one of the 10 best-hitting catchers in history.
No argument. I've said for years that Posada is the most underrated Yankee and - barring Rivera - the most difficult to replace.


Was more hurt last season (back, broken foot, shoulder) than a Red Sox fan's feelings when he came over to The Dark Side. But he still played 149 games and scored 115 runs.
Damon's never been on the DL. No huge argument here, although I'd give a nod to Matsui for his streak and the fact that he rehabbed like a madman in order to beat all doctor's projections for his return.


Says people don't like him because they're jealous he's rich, good looking and talented. Right, the same reasons everybody has always hated Derek Jeter, David Wright, Jose Reyes, Tiki Barber ...
It's not paranoia if people really do hate him though, right? Do you like him Jay Greenberg? Do you? I'm surprised Jay Greenberg doesn't write an article entitled Alex Rodriguez Sucks Because He Thinks People Don't Like Him (by Jay Greenberg who hates Alex Rodriguez with all of his heart).

Carl Pavano, Yankees

Approach to rehab has been more cautious than even Derek Jeter to leap to A-Rod's defense. Disdain was totaled even if the car wasn't by the secret accident that set a $40 million non-pitcher back and the normally unflappable Brian Cashman off. Needs to mend fences. In so doing, probably will get splinters in his pitching hand and miss three months.

Fish. Barrel.
Alex Rodriguez, Yankees

Vague rumors he actually drove in 121 runs last season and even hit .302 with men in scoring position were emphatically denied again when his career postseason average dropped to .153. But maybe we expect too much from an eight-hole hitter.
Provable (although not incredibly important) statistics like RBI and Batting Average are not vague rumors. Yes, I get that Greenberg is trying to be cheeky here. The fact that he lets everyone else off the hook (wait, he wants Sheffield back, right?) and yet continues to hammer a guy who's won an MVP in New York is mind-boggling.

Mariano Rivera, Yankees

When you think about it, the probable greatest closer of all all-time has been doing it on one pitch, off a 193-pound frame, for 11-plus seasons. True, it is quite the pitch, but his durability and consistency are nevertheless astounding.
He throws arguably the best pitch ever. Ever. If a guy that has the greatest swing ever hits a lot of homeruns, would you say he's overachieving? No, probably not. The Mets have a player you seem to love named Pedro Martinez who's been pretty effective in his career with a "slight" frame. Look, Mo is good. He's most likely the greatest closer in the history of baseball. I don't know if he's falling into Ecksteinland now.

Derek Jeter, Yankees

National Honor Society in high school. Phi Beta Kappa on the field.
They'll give you identical soundbytes, Jeter and Rodriguez. One is "bright." The other "insincere." National Honor Society? Well, well, well! That's something to be proud of! When you're 17. And you put the award on Grandma's fridge.

Just because Jay Greenberg doesn't seem to know this, I will now educate Jay Greenberg about actual intelligence and "brightness." Michael Cole Mussina graduated from Stanford University (note: a college) in 1990, with a degree in economics. Prior to that, he fell within a few decimal points of being valedictorian of his high school class. It is said that he intentionally did poorly on a test at the end of his senior year so that he would not have to speak at graduation. Mussina is a well-known crossword puzzle buff, becoming good enough to complete the New York Times puzzles and was recently featured in a documentary called Wordplay which focuses on crossword puzzle aficionados and gurus (does the Post even have a crossword? I bet they have a Jumble.) In any event, there's no mention that Mussina won a Member of the National Honor Society (which, as I'm sure Greenberg knows, is a popularity contest voted on by instructors) so Jeter gets the nod as "brightest."

To sum up what you missed, the Mets are mostly classy, exiting and intelligent, the Devils are nice people, the Giants are a bunch of jerks, the Nets are exciting, and the Jets overachievers.

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At 2/13/2007 11:38 PM, Blogger lupe_velez said...

jose reyes is NOT good looking

At 2/14/2007 11:38 AM, Blogger Mr. Faded Glory said...

...chicks dig the SB? And by "chicks" of course I mean "Jay Greenberg."


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