Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Cowherd Goes Batty

Today, on his sports radio program, on ESPN sports radio, sports radio host Colin Cowherd devoted over 1/2 hour of his program to the sports-related subject of "is Batman a Superhero, or just a crimefighter?"

He had calls and emails which said that Batman has no powers so he's not "super," he's just a guy who fights crime, and people who said that Batman is in fact a bigger hero because he has no powers.

Cowherd then, in summary, says that uneqivocably Batman is a Superhero because of the following reason:
"What's the thing he has around his belt? The batarang? (voice in background says 'Yes.'). Ok, so the batarang. Batman can do things that I can't. He can throw that batarang into the sky, and make that big bat symbol. I couldn't do that. That, in my mind, makes Batman a superhero."
You'd think that by staying away from sports for a while, Cowherd would be able to talk about something which he understands and is able to discuss with some level of knowedge. Obviously, he's as clueless on non-sports as he is about sports.
  • Batman's "batarang" is like a boomerang. This is why it is called a "batarang."
  • The bat signal is what makes the bat symbol. Everyone who has ever seen any Batman movie, TV show or read a comic knows this.
  • These same people would also tell you that the bat symbol is used to summon Batman. In Cowherd's mind, it is something Batman throws from his pocket in order to either summon himself or announce his presense: "Hey, fuckers! You're all screwed! It's me, the muthafuckin' Batman!" This is odd behavior for "The Dark Knight" who is known to stay to the shadows.

I don't give a shit one way or another about this ridiculous argument, but Cowherd could have simply said that Batman is sold under the "Superheroes" line by DC Comics (as listed on Batman's wikipedia page) and thus is a superhero. Argument over, move on to sports.

I swear the more you listen to Cowherd the more you have to question why ESPN hires these people.

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