Monday, September 17, 2007

Yankees' Pitcher Shelley Duncan

It's too bad we don't all live in Cowherd-world. If we did, we could all just do zero research for our jobs, show up and not even read the information we were handed and then start going off on tangents about it.

Case in point: this morning, Cowherd was talking about this story, which of course the Boston media will blow out of proportion, because that's what they do.

It was fairly obvious that Cowherd was reading from time to time, and attempted to be a big expert on this Shelley Duncan character. Of course, he called him a Yankee pitcher. Twice.

Upon further reading, he had the amazing realization that Duncan is the son of Cardinals' pitching coach Dave Duncan, and presented that as if it were breaking news.

Finally he was reading the end of the story, and I'll give it to you word for word. You can tell the exact moment that Cowherd realizes he's a fool. Of course immediately after, he just changes the subject:
"Duncan has become a fan favorite in the Bronx after hitting... what does that say?.... Duncan has become a fan favorite in the Bronx.

BTW, here's the article Cowherd was reading.
Duncan, son of St. Louis Cardinals pitching coach Dave Duncan, has become a fan favorite in the Bronx for hitting mammoth home runs since he was called up from the minors in July.

Nice job, dipshit.

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