Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Let's Revisit Past Douchebaggery One Year Later

Anyone remember Peter McEntegart? No, of course not.

Well, he wrote an article for SI last year full of hate and vitrol for the Yankees and I thought it would be fun to pretend that his 10 points were written today and see if any of them now apply. Ok? K.

By the way if you haven't ever read/seen the original, I strongly suggest you do so now. G'head, I'll wait for you.

  1. Nothing has changed. The Mets haven't gained in popularity since last September.
  2. I still don't understand why he hated bandwagon fans when the team hadn't won in 6 years. Now it's 7. Probably not a whole bunch of bandwagon jumpers, chief.
  3. Some fans will still have a second favorite team or could enjoy a historic post-season matchup. Yes, I still do root for franchises other than the Yankees. I guess I'm still an asshole.
  4. Not all of New York but unless you live in Queens or Long Island or are in high school and trying to be "different" most of the tri-state metropolitan (heh) area couldn't really give a huge flying fuck about the Mets. They're the second-class citizens. The step children. Learn form that and grow. Move on.
  5. A-Rod has pretty much shut up most of the "Brosius is better" crowd. So maybe now there's only 9 things you hate about the Yankees, Pete.
  6. The Mets have their own network and share the market with the Yankees. I am still amazed when Mets fans complain about Yankees payroll, especially Mets fans who just made the comments that the Yankees and Mets have an equal fanbase.
  7. I do love that he called the Yankees ability to homegrow and draft players a "myth" in teh very same season the Yankees drafted Joba Chamberlain and Ian Kennedy, and Phil Hughes made his professional debut. I would really love to see Peter McEntegart's take on the "free agent" Yankee farm system now, but my guess is Peter McEntegart is no longer writing articles for Sports Illustrated (or anyone) and that I would have to write him at his home address to get his opinion. So - if anyone has Peter McEntegart's home address, please email it to me at the contact address at the right. Much appreciated.
  8. I still don't know if he was complimenting or chiding Torre, but either way my opinion of Joe hasn't changed. Joe is a great PR director and rah-rah guy who should leave all in-game decisions, especially those involving the bullpen, to his bench and pitching coaches.
  9. Yankee Stadium is a historic place. It remains such and it should be celebrated before it is torn down. The fact that nobody gives two shits about tearing down Shea is not the issue.
  10. This team was not all about winning, then they were all about winning. It is very easy to say that a team that is 30-10 is "all about winning" and a team that is 10-30 is "not all about winning." It is also a very simplistic and idiotic position to take.

So after a year, not much has changed. Unless someone can help me track down Peter McEntegart, my guess is nothing else will.

I'm planning to continue the "looks back, a year later" format every now and then because it's amazing the absolute garbage that some sportswriters will put out there, especially when viewed with the help of some history.

Also, heck, I think that article was the first time anyone ever made a joke involving masturbating to Danny Heep.

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