Wednesday, September 05, 2007

The Squirrel's Name is "Scooter"

After many serious debates, it has been decided. The right-field foul poul Squirrel's name is now Scooter. Call him by name, and watch him bring the Yankees good luck. He just may be here for a reason.

Edit: Check out today's Daily News back page, with both a mention and photo of our new friend:

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At 9/05/2007 2:43 AM, Anonymous jeff said...


At 9/05/2007 3:04 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I named him "Squirel the Jew" but it did not work out.

At 9/05/2007 12:05 PM, Blogger Yankees Fan in Boston said...

Hah, works for me!

At 9/05/2007 2:12 PM, Blogger TaggedTruck said...

It is great to see the Yankees have a mascot for once. And that it is a kick ass squirrel is way cool.

At 9/05/2007 2:15 PM, Blogger lupe! said...

i love how cozy he is up there

At 9/06/2007 6:03 AM, Blogger Karen said...

It's great the he looked so petrified of being up there last week and now he's conquered his fears and will actually be a daredevil and lay flat on the pole.

My guess is Lupica tries to take him out so he can write a column about how A-Rod's salary killed the squirrel or something.


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