Tuesday, August 28, 2007

It's Because He Has a .944 OPS in August, Right?

That's why Giambi is finally getting some starts again, right?


Torre said Saturday he wasn't inclined to play Jason Giambi at first base unless his numbers against a starting pitcher were too strong to ignore. However, when Torre didn't start Jeter and Jorge Posada (day game after night game) yesterday, he went with Giambi at first.

"With (Jose) Molina (catching) and Betemit at short, I wanted to put him in the lineup," Torre said of Giambi, who had started in just one of the previous six games. "He gives us more guts."

Giambi did that early, hitting a solo homer of Jair Jurrjens in the second. Jurrjens left after the blast with soreness in the back of the right shoulder.
I'm hoping next year the Yankees have a manager that believes more in OPS and VORP and EqA and less in "guts" and "hearts of (insert name of african beast)" and "having been there before-edness."

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