Monday, August 27, 2007

Dodgers Make Huge, Unexpected Discovery

I can see the future headlines now. Nec Colletti, (you know, the guy who replaced stat-nerd Paul DePodesta and his computer from "geeking" up the Dodgers with a bunch of players based on funny made-up stats like OPP and VIRP) may be finally starting to figure things out.

Or, maybe not. Perhaps if he starts reading the papers such as the LA Times, with it's hard-hitting journalism and latest huge breaking news story, he'll pick up a few tips. Woodward? Bernstein? Step aside, it's Pullitzer time for Kevin Baxter! (Highlights mine):

Workload could be a factor for Proctor

By Kevin Baxter, Los Angeles Times Staff Writer
August 27, 2007
NEW YORK -- When the Dodgers acquired Scott Proctor at the trade deadline last month, they knew they were getting a pitcher who had thrown more innings in the last 1 1/2 seasons than any reliever in baseball. And now, after three poor performances in his last six outings, there has been speculation that the heavy workload may have left Proctor hurting, or at least fatigued.

"Am I taking the ball every day?" Proctor asked in response to a question about his health. "Then I'm fine. When I'm not taking the ball every day, then you know something's wrong."

Friday's appearance -- in which he gave up two runs, three hits and a balk in one inning -- was the 13th this month for Proctor, one more than he made in June or July and equal to the number of games he pitched in May. But he has given up two runs in four of his last eight appearances, leaving him with a 5.28 earned-run average for August, his highest of the season.

"Overall he's been pretty good," said Manager Grady Little, who dismissed talk of an injury. "[Friday] I think I saw the best fastball I've seen since he's been with us. He wants the ball every day. [And] we want him out there."
Wow. Grady is continuing the abuse that Torre inflicted it seems, and now there's "speculation" that the reliever with more appearances than any other pitcher in baseball since 2006 may be "fatigued"?

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At 8/27/2007 11:40 AM, Blogger June said...

vury nice. you are one sarcastic bastard. (that's y we <3 u) i like that your list escalates in obviousness :D


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