Friday, August 31, 2007

Neyer and I on Same Page About YES

From Rob Neyer's blog:

Yes, the Yankees swept the Red Sox. More on that -- and all the rest of the big games this week -- tomorrow.

At the moment I want to talk about Joe Girardi.

Girardi's currently serving as one of the Yankees' many TV analysts. By my count, there are seven of them, which has to be some sort of all-time record. What's more, most of them are truly excellent. In addition to Girardi, my favorite, Al Leiter, John Flaherty and Paul O'Neill all are solid (Leiter's better than solid, actually), and Ken Singleton has a million stories to tell.

Today, in the bottom of the fifth inning, this exchange came after Robinson Cano hit his second home run of the afternoon:

Michael Kay: One of the big knocks against Robinson Cano, for the first couple of years, has been his lack of production in day games. And that's changing with these two home runs today. And that's something that Jeter really rides him about.

Girardi: That's a small sample. When you hit well, they're always going to find an area where you don't hit as well as you have in the past. But it's a fairly small sample. Some guys are just better nighttime hitters. There's no doubt about it.
Actually, Cano's never showed any particular lack of production in day games. As a rookie in 2005, he played just slightly worse in day games than night games. In 2006, he was significantly better in day games. It's not until this year that he's struggled in day games, with a .721 OPS in 187 plate appearances (before today).

You know what, though? Girardi's right: That is a small sample. Of course, we can't know the depth of Girardi's understanding of statistical significance. But just a passing familiarity is something you like to see in a future manager, and Girardi will manage again someday.

Notice in his "favorites" list, no mention of Michael Kay. He's right though, although maybe he like Singleton a bit more than I do.

Give me Leiter, Flaherty, O'Neill and Girardi swapping off on every game though, and I'm a happy man.

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At 8/31/2007 4:26 PM, Blogger lupe! said...

speaking of kay - the other night he said something like: "another stat that baseball people are really into is WHIP -- walks and hits per inning pitched," and went on and on pompously explaining why it's important. all i heard in my head the whole time was "whip? what's that, kenny?" :D

i enjoy hibbert, if only cause you need someone to lighen things up, and he has a great rapport with everyone.

At 8/31/2007 4:30 PM, Blogger lupe! said...

also, while i love love love paulie in the context of keeping kay in check, he has a tendency to go off on cringeworthy tangents about heart and chemistry and shit. if they could just curb that he'd be great.

At 9/02/2007 12:53 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Yes, the Yankees swept the Red Sox. More on that -- and all the rest of the big games this week -- tomorrow."

Tomorrow came and went, and no More ever came. How I waited and waited, and still, nothing More.

Give More to us loyal readers. Thank you!

At 10/09/2007 7:36 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha...
The Skanks ate a big crusty dick!

Yankees moose-cum...

So zip your snack-chute.


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