Friday, October 05, 2007

Joe Torre Needs to Be Fired Immediately

Before Game 3.

I don't care if the Yankees storm back and win the World Series, he needs to go.

  1. He's benching the second best hitter on the team in order to play one of "his guys" in Matsui, who is injured and looks terrible.
  2. He wasted Phil Hughes in garbage time when the game was already out of hand yesterday, so he wasn't available to come in today when the game was tied and winnable.
  3. He never protested for a suspension of the game when Joba was clearly being bothered by external forces (insects on his eyeballs).
  4. He stacked a lineup full of lefties against Sabathia, who is death on lefties, and then must have realized his mistake in the 4th inning because he hit Duncan for Mientkiewicz, which effectively left them a man short on the roster.
  5. He stuck with Wang way too long yesterday and then inexplicably replaced him with Ohlendorf and not Hughes, then must have realized his mistake and corrected himself later, blowing another roster spot.
  6. The team looks flat and like they're going through the motions.

I know there's no way Cash lets Donnie take the reigns in the postseason, so that's wishful thinking. But this is the sixth consecutive year that Torre is pissing away the postseason. Let him go. Now.

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