Tuesday, April 29, 2008

What's a Guy Gotta Do?

Hughes and Kennedy have looked awful thus far. There's no getting around it. Regardless of long-term success, one or both of them need to be optioned to AAA to get their act together.

In the meantime, look who's rotting at AAA:
W:4 L:0 ERA:0.87 IP:31 H:18 HR:0 BB:6 K:27

Who is this promising young prospect? Why it's our old friend Darrell Rasner, whose 2007 season was cut short by an obviously filled injury.

If for no other reason than to give the bullpen a break and let one of the kids work on mechanics in Scranton, it's time to give him another crack at the majors.

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posted by Mr. Faded Glory @ 6:35 PM   3 comments


At 4/30/2008 5:40 AM, Blogger Rex Banner said...

While I agree that Rasner should be up, let's not get too excited over the AAA numbers. We've seen guys dominate down there and not translate into the bigs.
It might take some persuasion for Cashman to change his evil ways and ensure that everything is coming our way. That would be so smooth. I hope you're feeling better about this sooner than later.

At 5/01/2008 7:12 AM, Blogger June said...

apparently cashie reads ur bog

At 5/01/2008 9:27 AM, Blogger Mr. Faded Glory said...

Either that or I'm just a step ahead of the baseball world, as usual!


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