Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Just a Tiny Oversight

Another gem, courtesy of our most recent whipping boys at Yahoo:
Correction: Yankees-Orioles story

BALTIMORE (AP)—In April 20 and April 21 stories about an injury to Alex Rodriguez of the New York Yankees, The Associated Press erroneously reported that Rodriguez and Josh Hamilton of Texas were the only AL players to start every game this season. Many other AL players had also started every game.

"Many other" indeed. These other American League players have appeared in every game their team has played. I am not claiming this list to be 100% complete, either:
Brian Roberts
Kevin Millar
Nick Markakis
Dustin Pedroia
Nick Swisher
Orlando Cabrera
Juan Uribe
Grady Sizemore
Ryan Garko
Edgar Reteria
Magglio Ordonez
Billy Butler
Alex Gordon
Mark Teahen
Jose Guillen
Chone Figgins
Gary Matthews, Jr.
Justin Morneau
Delmon Young
Carlos Gomez
Robinson Cano
Daric Barton
Mark Ellis
Bobby Crosby
Ichiro Suzuki
Rafael Betancourt
Jose Vidro
Jose Lopez
B.J. Upton
Carl Crawford
Ian Kinsler
David Murphy
Alex Rios
Lyle Overbay
Aaron Hill

So, Yahoo's guess to the number of players who have played in every game this year (2) was only off by a total of 35, which is within the margin of error (provided the margin of error is +/- 1900%).

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