Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Season Boils Down to the Next Week and a Half

The Yankees enter play today 10 games out of the East. We can pretty much forget about that, for all intents and purposes. The hope here is the wildcard.

Currently, the Yankees stand 5.5 games behind Boston, and 4 games behind Minnesota for the wildcard, with 38 games left to play.

Boston has 2 more games at Baltimore, 3 at Toronto, then come to the Stadium for 3 against the Yanks before heading back to Fenway to take on the White Sox.

The Twins play the AL West: they have two more at home against Oakland, and then have a 4-game stretch at Anaheim against the Angels, 3 in Seattle, and 4 at the A's.

The Yankees have 3 games at Toronto, 3 at Baltimore, and then come home for 3 against both the Red Sox and Jays.

For the Yankees to have a realistic shot at making a real push, they're going to need to get hot, and fast.

Let's say they can go 4-2 over the next 6 vs. Toronto and Baltimore. In order to gain ground of course, the Sox and Twins will have to lose. Assuming they both simply play .500 ball, that's still only a game to a game and a half gain in the standings.

The bottom line here is to avoid needing to sweep the Red Sox next week, the Yankees will need to pick up a minimum of one game - preferably two - before the series with Boston begins on the 26th.

The Yankees' fate isn't in their own hands this year. They need to win games and also have other teams help them out.

A bad couple of series over the next week or so though and the season is over.

This is despite what notirious Yankee hater Jeff Passan has to say over at Yahoo!

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