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September, 1993: A Retrospective

Last night, something happened that hasn't happened since September of 1993: the Yankees were eliminated from post-season contention (there was no post-season in 1994, and the Yankees finished in first place, so there was no elimination).

To get some perspective of how long ago that was, and to take a look back, here are some stats, events, people and culture from that time.

Popular Music: The most popular songs of Sept. 1993 were "Can't Help Falling in Love" by UB40 and "Dreamlover" by Mariah Carey.

Television Debuts: The X-Files, Saved by the Bell: The New Class, Lois and Clark: the Adventures of Superman, seaQuest DSV, The Late Show with David Letterman, Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers, Ricki Lake, Late Night with Conan O'Brien, Frasier, Rocko's Modern Life, NYPD Blue, Boy Meets World

Cheers aired its series finale on NBC.

Movies: Schindler's List (Best picture), The Fugitive, What's Eating Gilbert Grape, What's Love Got to Do With It?, The Firm, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Jurassic Park, Groundhog Day, Mrs. Douubtfire, Sleepless in Seattle, Indecent Proposal, Free Willy, Tombstone, Wayne's World 2, Demolition Man.

Kevin Smith begins filming Clerks.

August 14, 1993: Reggie Jackson Day. Yankees oficially retire #44.

Reggie Jackson elected to Hall of Fame, chooses to wear Yankees cap.

Yankees Manager: Buck Showalter.

New Yankees in 1993: Greg Cadaret, Paul O'Neill, Spike Owen, Jim Abbott, Jimmy Key, Wade Boggs.

Trading deadline deals: July 30, 1993: Jon Habyan was traded as part of a 3-team trade by the New York Yankees to the Kansas City Royals. The Chicago Cubs sent Paul Assenmacher to the New York Yankees. The Kansas City Royals sent Karl Rhodes to the Chicago Cubs. August 31, 1993: Lee Smith was traded by the St. Louis Cardinals to the New York Yankees for Rich Batchelor.

Most Games by Position, 1993
C Mike Stanley (122)
1B Don Mattingly (130)
2B Pat Kelly (125)
3B Wade Boggs (134)
SS Spike Owen (96)
LF Dion James (91)
CF Bernie Williams (139)
RF Paul O'Neill (103)
DH Danny Tartabull (88)

SP Jim Abbott
SP Scott Kamieniecki
SP Jimmy Key
SP Melido Perez
SP Bob Wickman

RP Paul Assenmacher
RP Paul Gibson
RP John Habyan
RP Steve Howe
RP Rich Monteleone
RP Bobby Munoz
CL Steve Farr

1993 New York Yankees Uniform Numbers
#2 Mike Gallego
#12 Wade Boggs
#13 Jim Leyritz
#14 Pat Kelly
#17 Spike Owen
#18 Randy Velarde
#19 Dion James
#20 Mike Stanley
#21 Paul O'Neill
#22 Jimmy Key
#23 Don Mattingly
#24 Kevin Maas
#25 Jim Abbott
#26 Steve Farr
#27 Bob Wickman
#28 Scott Kamieniecki
#29 Mike Humphreys
#31 Hensley Meulens
#31 Frank Tanana
#33 Melido Perez
#34 Andy Cook
#34 Sterling Hitchcock
#34 Sam Militello
#35 Paul Gibson
#35 Andy Stankiewicz
#36 Gerald Williams
#38 Matt Nokes
#39 Mike Witt
#42 John Habyan
#42 Domingo Jean
#43 Paul Assenmacher
#43 Jeff Johnson
#45 Danny Tartabull
#47 Dave Silvestri
#47 Lee Smith
#51 Bernie Williams
#53 Neal Heaton
#53 Mark Hutton
#54 Bobby Munoz
#55 Rich Monteleone
#57 Steve Howe

1993 New York Yankees Salaries
Danny Tartabull $5,050,000.00
Jimmy Key $4,900,000.00
Paul O'Neill $3,833,333.00
Don Mattingly $3,820,000.00
Wade Boggs $2,950,000.00
Steve Howe $2,500,000.00
Matt Nokes $2,500,000.00
Melido Perez $2,450,000.00
Jim Abbott $2,350,000.00
Spike Owen $2,250,000.00
Mike Witt $2,166,667.00
Mike Gallego $1,575,000.00
Steve Farr $1,500,000.00
Randy Velarde $1,050,000.00
Mike Stanley $675,000.00
John Habyan $600,000.00
Kevin Maas $255,000.00
Neal Heaton $250,000.00
Rich Monteleone $250,000.00
Pat Kelly $160,000.00
Jim Leyritz $152,000.00
Scott Kamieniecki $150,000.00
Bernie Williams $150,000.00
Andy Stankiewicz $138,000.00
Jeff Johnson $125,000.00
Sam Militello $118,000.00
Bob Wickman $116,000.00
Mike Humphreys $112,000.00
Sterling Hitchcock $109,000.00
Gerald Williams $109,000.00
Dave Silvestri $10,900.00

Television Announcers:
Phil Rizzuto, Tom Seaver, Bobby Murcer
Dewayne Staats, Tony Kubek, Al Trautwig

Radio Announcers:
John Sterling, Michael Kay

I hope you all feel old now.

(Information compiled from Baseball Almanac, Baseball Reference, and various other sources.)


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UB40 is amazing Reggae band. I remember when I was a kid and I watched Power Ranger and X-File.


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