Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Dumbest Statement of 2010 (So Far)

Peter Pascarelli of ESPN:
McGwire was entirely oine-dimensional, a 260 hitter whose OBP was a negative because it made you so sick watching him trying to run
Let's think about this. Getting on base is BAD if you are slow. GETTING ON BASE IS BAD.

It boggles the fucking mind.

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At 1/13/2010 4:08 PM, Blogger Rex Banner said...

Only if you're slow. Because you clog up the bases.

At 1/13/2010 6:57 PM, Blogger June said...

So OBP should now be changed to HSHMY (How Sick He Makes You). Check.

At 1/13/2010 9:20 PM, Blogger Mr. Faded Glory said...

No Juney. Slow guys should either hit home runs or make outs when no men are on base. Otherwise they are causing problems by being on base and having one less out for the speedy guy who comes up next.

At 1/13/2010 9:55 PM, Blogger Mr. Faded Glory said...

BTW I am willing to forgive Pascarelli. Readthe restof that chat and you'll realize the guy drunker and drunker as the chat progresses.

At 1/13/2010 10:05 PM, Blogger Mr. Faded Glory said...

Or he's posting via iPhone. That's my excuse for the previous post.

At 1/18/2010 5:23 PM, Blogger john brown said...

he is a dumbass, it is never bad to be on base... someone should tell that guy to read Money Ball

At 3/02/2010 10:54 AM, Blogger June said...

one forlornly awaits bog updates.


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