Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Pujols wins NL MVP

No quibble, really. In fact I had predicted it (5 out of 6, thank you) and always thought that although I would have voted for Lee, this was by far the closest call of all the awards. Pujols deserves it, although I think he got a bit of help because his team made the post season while Lee's didn't, and he had come in second twice in the MVP balloting.

Oh! but it wasn't close between the two of them. Lee finished third to Andruw Jones, who had the worst 50 HR season in ML history.

Let's look at the candidates:
Player A: .330 BA .430 OBP .609 SLG 1.039 OPS
Player B: .335 BA .418 OBP .662 SLG 1.080 OPS
Player C: .263 BA .347 OBP .575 SLG 0.922 OPS

Clearly, one of these things is not like the other. Now lets's look at less meaningful stats:
Player A: 41 HR 117 RBI
Player B: 46 HR 107 RBI
Player C: 51 HR 128 RBI

Player A is Pujols, B is Lee, and C is of course Jones. I suppose voters just looked at the second group of stats, figured he played CF and 1B, and voted for him. A lot of them had him first, ahead of both Pujols and Lee. Travesty. Jones had a Dave Kingman season. He wasn't even close to as good as the other two, and I suppose he also benefitted over Lee because his team won the division. He didn't exactly carry them there, though.

Here's a funny article about a Mike Celizic piece that cries about Jones not winning the MVP because he had a lot of HR and RBI and his team wasn't as good as the Cardinals.

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