Thursday, November 10, 2005

Everything's Going According to Plan

As originally suggested here in a previous entry, today's New York Post suggests the Yankees may be interested in Brad Wilkerson and that the Reds, contrary to prior reports, will be shopping one of their four outfielders (which includes Adam Dunn)

The Reds will shop outfielders in exchange for starting pitching, according to one MLB executive. The exec added that he thought Florida's Carlos Delgado would be available.

The Yanks, trying to shave payroll, have no interest in Delgado. Though reportedly interested in Washington CF Brad Wilkerson, they haven't heard if he's available.

Lost in the shuffle is this juicy tidbit, which I'm sure is just a tease to get me all excited:

Heard around the GM meetings: surprisingly, the Phillies were shopping RF Bobby Abreu, though it may simply be a "due diligence" tactic to determine his value.

I mean, there's no way the Yankees get Abreu. But a guy can dream.

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