Thursday, November 10, 2005



You see this headline:
Torre wants Bernie back
and if you're me, you start to get worried. I've indicated a number of times that for any other manager, I welcome Bernie back in a reserve role. I just can't imagine Joe Torre not sticking Bernie out there everyday in CF or at least DH.

Joe Torre came away with the sense that Bernie Williams wanted to continue his career as a Yankee, though Williams knows that he'd be a sub rather than the team's starting center fielder.

And Torre made it clear that he'd be happy to have Williams back. "I hope that's the case and I hope that our team, with the makeup, that it's going to work," Torre said last night before accepting an award from Child Magazine at a midtown gala.

"I think he'd like to stay. Nobody's making commitments either way and he knows center field isn't what I've had for 10 years, where he's been the first man on the field.... I sense that he wants to come back in a different role."

The talk sounds good.... but Torre is like the girlfriend who has repeatedly cheated on you and promises never to do it again, and you want to believe her because it would be best for everyone involved, but you know deep down inside she can't do it. He's like the alcoholic who promises he can go out to the bar with his buddies and not order a cocktail. This is Courtney Love moving next door to a crack house. It's Michael Jordan getting a suite at Caesar's Palace and saying he won't gamble. It's giving Michael Jackson custody of your kids and hoping for the best. It's Sonny Corleone promising no retribution. It's hiring Doc Gooden as your limo driver.

Torre can't help himself. He has a sickness. A sickness that can only be cured by removing his temptation: old players whose skills have diminshed but with whom he's won numerous rings in the past. This is evidenced by his Tino comment:

Torre was sorry to see Tino Martinez's second Yankee tour end, but he acknowledged that Andy Phillips is likely to get a shot as Jason Giambi's backup.

Yes, on the surface it seems innocuous enough, and I hope it all works out to be true... just like I hoped Darryl could stay away from cocaine every single time he swore he was done with it. But wishing for something doesn't make it true.

Someone needs to empty Torre's metaphorical liquor cabinet.

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