Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Rocket Return?

Roger Clemens back in the Bronx? It's certainly not outside of the realm of possibility since the Astros announced they've declined to offer arbitration to Clemens.

This really did surprise me as I expected Houston to at least offer it to Clemens even on a wink-wink basis (where Clemens would decline). He's going to be in baseball shape because he's pitching in the World Baseball Farce this spring.... so what's to prevent the Yankees from offering their future HOFer (don't kid yourself into thinking he's wearing any other cap into Cooperstown) a one year contract?

There's little risk in a one year deal, and Clemens has been the NL's best pitcher over the last two seasons (if you throw out W/L).

Now I know where the argument against is - "the Yankees already have too many pitchers!"

Ok. But you add Clemens to Mussina and Johnson (they are untradable) and all of a sudden Cashman has a lot of flexibility to move any of the others immediately (Carl Pavano most notably, or even Wang if there's a huge offer out there, but it would have to be huge to give up the only young one).

The Yankees also don't have to sacrifice a draft pick.

Can you imagine a rotation of

I'm drooling just thinking about it. Of course some "private plane" use and extended travel plans concessions would be made... but who cares?

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