Monday, August 20, 2007

Kind of an Odd Lineup, Considering the Splits...

The Yankees face Dustin Moseley tonight, who has been much better against lefties than righties. Considering the new interchangable Yankees lineup, you'd expect to see a bunch of righthanders (Shelley Duncan, Wilson Betermit (S), maybe Jose Molina) in the lineup today, right?


Damon DH (L)
Jeter SS (R)
Abreu RF (L)
Rodriguez 3B (R)
Matsui LF (L)
Posada C (S)
Cano 2B (L)
Phillips 1B (R)
Cabrera CF (S)

Torre essentially put out his most lefthanded lineup.

Moseley's splits:
LH: .222 / .289 / .359 OPS+ 67
RH: .331 / .382 / .455 OPS+ 133

Lefties hit him like they're all Miguel Cairo. Righties hit him like a lineup full of Manny Ramirezes.

Does Torre not even look at scouting reports? If they win despite his boneheadedness, you'll have certain perople *cough* immediately with the "I told you Torre knows more than you" defenses.

We'll see what happens.

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