Wednesday, October 24, 2007

There's Only ONE November!

... and scheduling Game 7 of the World Series to be played during that month is asinine.

Boston will be cold enough, but imagine if the NL won the All Star Game?

November baseball in Denver.

Maybe one day Selig will wise up and not allow the TV networks to make his post-season schedules for him (but this scenerio highly unlikely).

Here's a few ideas, Bud, take them to whatever you have that functions as a heart:
  • Start the season a week earlier, and schedule mainly domed or warm weather cities for the first 2-3 weeks. Not only will this mean more games are played before October, but you'd avoid such situations as Seattle and Cleveland experienced this year.
  • More doubleheaders. Yes, the owners see them as "something for nothing" and a loss of revenue, so schedule day-night doubleheaders if you have to. Are the owners really raking it in on Thursday 1pm games in Arizona, anyway?
  • Increase revenue by adding more games to the ALDS. Best of seven. It should be seven games for a myriad of reasons anyway.
  • No "off days" during a home series in the playoffs. Boston at Cleveland, for example, had played Games 3 and 4 on consecutive nights, and then *bam* offday before Game 5 in the same stadium. Pointless.
  • Less off-days between series. Yes, the Networks and media need a chance to travel to a city that was just determined, but there should never be more than at MOST two days (and preferably, one).

Of course all Selig really seems to be concerned with is money.

Remember, adding the wildcard was to offer "competitiveness" and not "another round of playoff dollars."

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