Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Joba Most Likely To Spend Season in Bullpen

Yes, I know the Yankees are trying to limit Chamberlain to 140 innings, so some time spent in the bullpen would help to keep him under the innings cap. However, let's suppose there are no injuries to the starters, and the Yankees are winning, Chamberlain is the best setup man on the team, and we're hitting mid-season?

Barring a major deal for some setup help, I can't imagine the Yankees would take Chamberlain out of the 'pen and insert him mid-season into the rotation. In the bullpen, Joba only uses his fastball and slider. How is he to adjust to starting, and attempting to throw all four of his pitches, especially when he hadn't had a chance to develop the other two? Would the Yankees really deplete their bullpen by moving him out? If he stays the entire season in the bullpen, he'd get nowhere near 140 innings (an abusive Joe Torre isn't at the helm anymore) so adding the 30 or so innings to his totals like they had planned would seem unrealistic.

80 innings of Chamberlain is less valuable than 140. Barring some unforseen circumstance, my guess is that's all we'll see from him, however.

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