Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Well, it's About Damn Time.

Keith Law and Rob Neyer were elected to the BBWAA. Finally. Per Keith:
I am still unclear on why, exactly, I might need to be a member; after conversations with probably a dozen current members, I think the opposite is true - the BBRAA needed people like me, Rob, etc. as members, to try to boost their credibility as an organization in a time when they receive so much criticism for the backwardness and outright hostility towards intelligent analysis (statistical or scouting) displayed in so much mainstream writing, to say nothing of the RBI/wins fetish in BBRAA voting.

I suppose the plus side is that Tim Raines will get one more Hall of Fame vote in 2018, because Lord knows he’s not getting in any time soon.

Of perhaps even more interest was the additional inclusion of Will Carroll and Christina Kahrl of Baseball Prospectus. Not only is the BBWAA adding 'net writers, it's now adding 'net writers not associated with gigantic media companies (SI, ESPN, etc).

My guess is that the reason is exactly the one given by the esteemed Mr. Law.

Of course this won't prevent the other mediots from voting for Joba Chamberlain for AL ROY in 2009.

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At 12/10/2008 8:38 PM, Blogger Rex Banner said...

Who cares? I stopped paying attention to awards when Palmeiro won a GG the year he primarily DHed. HOF is a joke too. Pete Rose should get in just for his gambling. Think about how much fame that brought him.

At 12/11/2008 10:01 PM, Blogger June said...

at last rex banner says something i like/agree with... yup, one good thing about tino (impliedly) and i'm won over


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