Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Jesus, Stop it Now. Just Stop Talking About This Already.

Joba Chamberlain is a starting pitcher for the New York Yankees.

A starting pitcher.

Which is more valueable to you, an ace 23 year old starting pitcher, or a top setup man? The answer is simple: the former.

However, a bunch of idiots like Kevin Kernan keep this nonsense alive, suggesting that Joba is best used out of the bullpen.
Forget about Joba Chamberlain being in the rotation - he needs to go back to the bullpen. From Day 1 of spring training. No ifs, ands or bugs.

With a top three of Sabathia, Burnett and Wang, and with Pettitte on the back end, Joba is most needed in the bullpen now, especially since Mariano Rivera is coming off shoulder surgery.

This way the Yankees New York Yankees can keep Joba's innings under control, and if Rivera needs a little extra time to be ready for the season, Chamberlain can be the emergency closer. If Rivera is right for the start of the season, then Chamberlain has the eighth inning and the Yankees are that much more of a force.

An eighth-inning dynamo is much more important to the Yankees now than a back-end starter, and besides, the Yankees have candidates for that fifth spot, including Phil Hughes and Alfredo Aceves.

There are some people in the Yankee front office who are convinced Chamberlain is best-suited for the bullpen anyway because of his emotional makeup and arm. Many scouts I've talked to say the same thing. In some ways, Chamberlain is like Jonathan Papelbon in makeup and talent. He lives for the competition every night.

When you are a starter, you have four days to kill between starts. When you are in the bullpen, you have to be ready to go every game.

This way Chamberlain can basically be a two-pitch pitcher, slider and fastball. He can mix in the curve, but he does not have to depend upon it as much as a starter, who needs three pitches to work the lineup, and this would mean less stress on his shoulder.

Chamberlain can just roll out of the bullpen and be that Raging Bull that Yankee fans have come to love. Sometimes you just have to go with the flow, and when you step back and look at the situation now, Chamberlain looks great in the bullpen.

The Yankees should plan on it now. Joba is the perfect fit for this bullpen.
I'm not going to go off on the same rant again about how you should have your best pitchers throwing the most number of innings, etc etc, but it's the mentality of "that's what we saw him do!" that causes these sorts of ridiculous reactions. Nobody would have considered putting Roger Clemens in the bullpen to be a setup guy in his prime, would they? Why did the Twins move Johan Santana out of the bullpen? Who is more valuleable to a team: vintage Pedro Martinez, or vintage Scot Shields?

Stop with the comparisons to Papelbon. Joba can be emotional as a starter - it worked for Clemens and Pedro.

Let me give you another couple of examples:
A restuarant is in need of an emergency line chef for a night, and thus picks a recent graduate of a prestigious culinary academy to fill in and make soups for an evening. The soups are a great hit, and even though the chef studied for years and was well known as a classical french chef, the only job he is ever offered is making that same soup every night because heck, we know he can do that.

Rembrandt agreed to paint his cousin's house with him. All of the town agreed this was the finest painted house in all of the burgh, and wished Rembrandt to paint their houses for them as well. Rembrandt let them know he was an artist, not a house painter, but the townsfolk all agreed they would never buy his paintings because they wanted him painting houses.
Of course these examples are ridiculous, but so is the suggestion that Chamberlain is best used in the bullpen.

Stop it. Please.

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At 2/01/2009 6:23 AM, Blogger June said...

your examples actually aren't ridiculous... if anything they don't go far enough. like for rembrandt you'd have to add to the rationale: he can paint a new house every night, whereas The Night Watch and all those stupid portraits and self-portraits would only get produced once every x years.

also: bugs? oo, timely.

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