Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Someone call Ken Tremendous, stat

It was all a tease. It's like I'm a freshman in high school and the cute girl I had a crush on said she'd go to the dance with me.

Then she changed her mind.

While notorious cock-tease Bob Raissman reported that the firing of Joe Morgan and possibly Jon Miller from Sunday Night Baseball was imminent, it turns out he was incorrect.

Instead, ESPN will add Steve fucking Phillips to the broadcast booth. This is the same Steve Phillips who was a complete failure as Mets GM and then was asked by ESPN to hold mock press conferences as the GM for every other club. This is the same Steve Phillips who hates OBP so much that he calls players who walk a lot "selfish." This is the same Steve Phillips who has made it a habit of being wrong on Baseball Tonight for about four years now.

What the hell is ESPN ownership thinking? At the very least just throw in Rick Sutcliffe and a bottle of cheap gin instead.

Also sorry I've been absent most of the last week. I came down with bronchitis, but it seems to be getting better now.

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