Wednesday, October 28, 2009

WhatIf Sports Predicts Yanks in Six

As you can see here, WhatIf Sports rant 10,001 simulations of the World Series and the Yankees won over 70% of them.
The computer likes the New York Yankees to defeat the Philadelphia Phillies in six games.

New York wins 72.3% of those series, with the most common occurrence being a six-game series win by the Yankees (21.3% of all series have this result - a seven-game New York victory is next at 19.0%). On average, the offensively-dominant Yankees have a 31-point higher average (.296 to .265), hit two more homeruns (9.9 to 7.8) and score 4.2 more runs (35.2 to 31.0). The Phillies only advantages appear to be in the "smallball" categories of speed and defense. Philadelphia averages 2.7 more steals (4.7 to 2.0) against the weak-armed Yankees' catchers and commits 2.1 fewer errors (2.4 to 3.1). As you can see below, the Yankees also appear to have the advantage in the starting rotation and the bullpen.

I also predict the Yankees in six, and think the MVP will be Alex Rodriguez (who got jobbed out of the ALCS MVP award).

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At 10/29/2009 2:26 PM, Blogger June said...

reading the description provides the strange out-of-body-like sensation that they in fact played 10,000 games. i like it (as well as the prediction, obviously)


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