Saturday, April 24, 2010

Girardi's "Set Roles" Costs Another Game

The situation last night: Dave Robertson came into the game in the 7th inning and faced one batter and struck him out (the box score will show 0.2 IP but one of those was a failed steal attempt).

In a tie game in which you never know how many pitchers you might need, it made sense to send Robertson - who looked good and threw minimal pitches - out for the 8th. However, Robertson isn't the "8th Inning Guy™" so when the 8th started, Chamberlain was called upon. Besides the fact that it's an easy way to burn through a bullpen in a potential extra inning game, Chamberlain had terrible numbers against Kendrick who was due up in the 8th (.667 lifetime average).

When a guy is pitching well and there's no reason to yank him - don't. Girardi's set roles (using his 8th Inning Guy™ in the 8th in a tie or with a lead, regardless of how the game is going, using Rivera only for th e9th and only in save situations instead of high leverage situations) is going to cost the team more wins this year.

I wish for once a manager would grow some balls and manage intelligently and not just stick to "the book" so they don't have to be second guessed if it doesn't work.

This isn't second guessing either - I was yelling about it from the stands in Anaheim last night as soon as Joba came out from bullpen.

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