Friday, April 09, 2010

Well, at Least Now We Know Why C-Grand is in Center

While Gardner clearly was the superior centerfielder based on all available metrics including the naked eye, Girardi chose to put Granderson in center on an everyday basis and shift Gardner to left.

It's become apparant that Girardi didn't want to move Granderson to center from left when he plays Thames against lefthanders, because for some reason, Girardi has decided to platoon Gardner and Thames in left.

Maybe Girardi isn't aware that Gardner isn't the one who needs to sit vs. lefties.
Gardner vs. righties .330/.358/.688
Gardner vs. lefties .311/.317/.628
Granderson vs. righties .367/.530/.897
Granderson vs. lefties .271/.343/.615

It's fairly obvious who the one with the problem via lefties is out of the pair. Yes, Thames destroys lefthanders, and if you're going to play him at all it would be vs. a tough lefthanded starter. However if you're going to bench someone, make it Granderson and not Gardner, unless the players prove otherwise.

This seems more like a salary-driven "proven vet" Torre-type move. Let's hope it doesn't continue.

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