Saturday, May 08, 2010

Girardi Has Lost His Mind

Saw this quote by Girardi about Brett Gardner:
After the Yankees didn't re-sign Johnny Damon to play left, sent Cabrera to the Braves and traded for Tigers center fielder Curtis Granderson, Gardner emerged out of spring training as the primary left fielder, although Marcus Thames then got some of the time against lefties.

Yet Gardner is off to a .370 start as a lefty vs. the lefties, going 10 for 27.

"I've always thought of him as an everyday player because he hits left-handers," Girardi said.

Now he is an everyday player, moving from left to center while Granderson recovers for perhaps a month from the groin strain he suffered last Saturday.
Remember last year when the beat writers jumped all over Girardi for "lying" about injuries? Why isn't anyone calling him on this?

Gardner is now playing against lefties because Granderson is hurt. Before that, Girardi moved the better centerfielder to left because he didn't want to have to make Granderson change positions due to the platoon he'd set up between Gardner and Thames. Gardner was not starting against lefties at all, as anyone who regularly reads this space has seen mentioned many times before.

Now, Girardi claims he "always thought of" Gardner was an everyday player because he "hits left-handers"? Girardi chose to instead play Granderson - who has repeatedly proven an inability to hit lefties - instead of Gardner.

Joe, just admit Gardner proved something to you and not that you "knew it all along."

It comes off as disingenuous and revisionist to anyone who has been paying attention.

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