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State of the Yanks

Sorry for the lack of updates over the past week or so - the blog time has ben spent redesigning the template and attempting to convert to the "new" Blogger, which amazingly doesn't allow for converting from the *old* Blogger. If you see some strange looks and feels in the coming days, don't worry about it - the content isn't going to be affected.

Now, on to matters that actually matter.  It's almost a third of the way through the season, and The Yankees have the second best record in the game (behind those pesky Rays). So what could possibly be wrong in Yankee-land? Not everything of course, but some things are rotten in the state of the Bronx.

The Good:

  • Nick Swisher: He's hitting for power AND average this year. Quitely might put together a career season.

  • Brett Gardner: One of the year's big question marks has become a nice addition. We knew about his speed and defense, now we're seeing his bat come to life as well.

  • Francisco Cervelli: Will eventually come back to earth and stop hitting like Piazza, but has been very impressive stepping in for Posada. His entire minor league career he was never regarded as a great hitter, so his hot start may just be a fluke, but the Yankees will take it and ride it as long as Posada can't go.

  • Joba regaining velocity: He's back in the bullpen and is back to throwing hard again. Hopefully we'll see the dominant Chamberlain we got to know a couple of years ago.

  • Marcus Thames vs. lefties: He's a butcher in the field (when Girardi has to use Ramiro Pena as your defensive replacement even though he's never played right field at any professional level, you are not a good defender), but as a PH or DH, he makes matchups more difficult for opposing managers who want to go to their lefty specialist.

  • Yoooooos: Phil Hughes is finally showing consistent flashes of why Cashman refused to trade the 23-year old for Santana or Halladay. He's currently in the Cy Young discussion.

  • Old Man Andy: Pettitte has been having one of his best seasons to date.  He's been able to go deep into games, keep runners off base, and is among the AL ERA and Win leaders.

  • Mo still Mo: A week ago there was some concern about Rivera in the media, but he's got a 1.76 ERA and is 10-for-11 in save opportunities. Typical Riverian numbers.

  • AJ/CC: They haven't been as dominant as Hughes and Pettitte, but are a combined 9-5 with a 3.72 ERA.

  • Posada seems not to have lost anything at the plate or behind the dish (when he's been able to play). His injury isn't the type you worry about with old catchers wearing down, it was just a fluke bruise.

The Bad:

  • Alex Rodriguez: An adequate year from a third baseman, but you don't pay adequate players $30M/yr. Unless his power numbers increase (on pace for 23 HR) this year will be a huge disappointment.

  • David Robertson: Was expected to be a big cog in the 'pen, but has proven inconsistent and hasn't been able to nail down a real role in the bullpen yet.

The Ugly:

  • Chan Ho Park: Injured, then terrible, then injured again, then terrible again. I didn't understand this signing to begin with, and he's done nothing to change my mind. Also: diarrhea.

  • Mark Teixeira thinks its still April: For a few brief moments in the beginning of May, Big Teix was bashing the ball like the Teixeira of old. Shortly after that, he regressed to April Mark, who can't hit his way out of a paper bag. It's odd to see from a switch hitter, because usually mechanical issues don't affect you at both sides of the plate.  He's got a .210 average and an OPS of .692.

  • Derek Jeter is killing the team from the leadoff spot. He's hitting in the .270s, but isn't getting on base at all. As bad as Teix has been, Jeter's been even worse. A .321 OBP from a leadoff hitter is downright unacceptable. Everyone's getting on Teix, but he's actually got a higher OBP than Jeter. Maybe he's not seeing the ball well, because he's not walking and he's striking out too much.

  • Granderson and Johnson: The Damon/Matsui replacements were both underperforming before they got hurt.  Not a big surprise from Johnson, but C-Grand has been pretty healthy in his career. When they come back though, they'd better start hitting better than they had been. Johnson could lose his job to Miranda if he can continue to perform (or more likely a Miranda/Thames platoon).


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At 5/27/2010 3:01 PM, Blogger TaggedTruck said...

I hate you included Jeter in ugly. Bad at worst, considering his intangibles! He personally won a game yesterday with his HR and his glove. He is the man, regardless of your eval.

At 5/27/2010 3:39 PM, Blogger Mr. Faded Glory said...

He's a leadoff man with a .321 OBP playing for a world champion.

I think he'll improve but if he was any player not named "Derek Jeter" the Yankee lineup today would have Gardner leading off and Swisher in the two spot.

He's been an average major league hitter this year with his 101 OPS+. He's killing the team by not getting on base and not setting up opportunities for the next guys to drive him in.

You don't pay a guy $22M to be an average major leaguer. That's why it's ugly.


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