Thursday, December 08, 2005

I Bet They Asked for Jeter and Rivera

While perusing Lupe's blog this morning, I saw an article from the St. Louis Dispatch about the recent trade of Ray King to Colorado for Aaron Miles (OPS+ of 65 and 68 the last two seasons) and Larry Bigbie, who managed to hit .212 for the Rockies while playing at Coors Field and compiled OPS+ the last two years of 96 and 73, and presumably, a bag of baseballs. This was for the Ray King, the leftie, with the ERA+ of 122, 131, 118, 160, and 127 in relief for the Cardinals. Are you telling me the Cards couldn't have gotten more for him than that? The Yankees wouldn't have traded more when they're scurrying for relief help? Especially for a lefty?

I really don't understand a lot of what's gone of this off-season. Some players are being traded for nobody (Mark Loretta for... Doug Mirabelli?) and everyone demands Cano and/or Wang from the Yankees.

Case in point, from today's NY Post:
Yankees were puzzled by the Marlins' approach to dealing Juan Pierre.

"They wanted different things from us than the Cubs," an insider said.

They sure did. The Marlins took three prospects for the center fielder while sticking to their request of Robinson Cano, Sean Henn and Scott Proctor from the Yankees.

Let's just be glad that Cashman stuck to his guns and didn't get Pierre. Even he can't define his own worth with any quantifiable means:
New Cubs center fielder Juan Pierre said he's looking forward to playing in Wrigley Field's deep grass.

"I might bunt a lot more,'' he said. "It helps kill the ball.''

Pierre said what he contributes to the Cubs isn't always going to be seen strictly in statistics.

"My game on paper really doesn't look good,'' he said, "but you appreciate it more if you see it on a daily basis. The things I do don't really show up in the box scores or the papers or things that people like to come see at a game.''

So what now? Where does Cashman go from here? He's right to hold on to Cano and Wang (except in a ridiculous, Willis/Cabrera-style trade), but other teams seem to be able to pick up quality for crap.

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