Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Now who needs to be saved?

The Jeff Reardon story is just bizzare. The guy who's sixth on the all-time saves list, and pitched in an era where he should have made enough money to set himself up for life is robbing jewelry stores?

My guess is that over the next few days, we'll start to hear about "substance abuse" problems or a gambling addiction. I'm still always amazed - although I shouldn't be - that there are people who have so much opportunity in life and blow it. The guy was an all-star. Probably could still be working in the game in some capacity. Should have had investments to cover him for the rest of his life.. but instead, here we are.


3. Drugs. While normally a drug offense (the recreational, not performance enhancing kind) wouldn't bother me all that much, when you get to seven (7!)of them, I think it becomes a problem.

2. Armed Robbery. Yep, Reardon's offense isn't even the worst. That distinction would go to...

3. Chopping people with a machete and setting them on fire. It's really not even close. Lucky for Reardon, there's a guy like Ugie to save him from topping the list.

Those are the worst I can think of off of the top of my head. Feel free to add more if you've got them.

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