Monday, December 19, 2005

Oh, Roy Oswalt. You Do Make Me Laugh.

This easily has to be my favorite story of the off-season:

The Weir, Miss., native beamed as he climbed aboard the corn-colored machine, hauled into the parking lot at Minute Maid Park on a flatbed tractor-trailer.

"This is a dozer you can do anything with," Oswalt said.

McLane said a bulldozer has been on Oswalt's wish list almost from the day he moved up to the majors in 2001. The model he purchased for Oswalt cost about $200,000.

"Each year, with our players, I ask them what their goals are," McLane said. "I said, 'Roy, what is one of your goals?' He said, 'To own a bulldozer.' That kind of took me back a little bit. I had never heard that before."

"There are going to be a lot of jealous people around where I live. I'm going to try to hire out and make a little money in the offseason," Oswalt said.

Well it seems has finally caught up with this news. Here's everyone's favorite redneck and his goal:

I wonder if he'll race Clemens in his Hummer.

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At 12/20/2005 6:50 PM, Anonymous heather said...

oh my god, that is hillarious! I love your site! thanks!


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