Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Co-GMs? More like Lucchino's Power Grab

The Boston Media - especially the Globe (who incidentally owns 17% of the Red Sox) seem to be spinning the new Boston "co-GM" situation of Jed Hoyer and Ben Cherington as a sign that Theo Epstein will be returning to essentially oversee them. I'm not buying it.

Let's see what such an announcement does:
  • Minimalizes the clout of each individual
  • Solidifies power for Larry Lucchino
  • Makes the tandem look weak in the media (placeholders for Theo)
Lucchino is once again asserting his power and tightening his grip while using Epstein to make it appear he's "leaving the door open" and of course his mouthpiece, the Globe, is right on board.

After all, if Epstein did return - especially after Lucchino has attempted to destroy his reputation in the paper and said this week that his own position and role would not be diminshed - he has no self respect. Why would a guy who can essentially have his pick of franchises and salaries choose one that he knows he won't have the real power within and has attampted to make him look the fool?

Whatever Lucchino is selling, I'm not buying.

This move isn't about Theo, it's about Larry.

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